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About Us


Since 1977, EMSCO has been the melting industry’s first responder — ready to dispatch mechanics, engineers, and account managers 24/7 to keep your foundry up and you in business with foundry furnace rebuilds, foundry furnace coil repairs, table mount furnace repair, and other foundry services. We are founded on the philosophy that customers choose suppliers who understand their needs and quality induction furnace service and repair. EMSCO responds quickly to any crisis from our facilities in Massillon, Ohio; Anniston, Alabama; Pico Rivera, California and Rancocas, New Jersey. We get the induction furnace service job done right and without delay.

EMSCO provides foundry services and installs induction melting equipment produced by any OEM. From repairing/rebuilding induction furnaces and coils to complete melt deck design and construction, EMSCO has generations of experience servicing foundry equipment in almost every scenario imaginable, including open-atmosphere and vacuum applications, such as vacuum furnace rebuilds.

EMSCO has a core expertise in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and installation of process cooling equipment for induction-based facilities and other industrial applications. Along with conventional cooling appliances, EMSCO is the exclusive manufacturer and provider of HyprCool® Hybrid Process Cooling Systems.

With an outstanding reputation built from decades of customer satisfaction, we offer a myriad of metal foundry services and systems critical to optimizing the best foundries of today and tomorrow.

Induction Furnace Services

  • Steel shell furnace rebuilds
  • Vacuum furnace rebuilds
  • Table mount furnace repairs
  • Channel furnace repairs
  • Steel melting furnace repairs
  • Melt deck construction
  • Heat rejection services
  • Optimization of heat rejection process
  • Electromagnetic induction furnace repair
  • Overhaul of melt furnace
  • High voltage furnace installation
  • Foundry furnace repairs
  • Foundry furnace rebuilds
  • Heat sensing insulation repairs
  • Furnace rigging services
  • Melt deck design
  • Melt deck construction
  • Induction furnace power repair
  • Induction furnace maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions About Induction Furnace Repairs

How does EMSCO optimize your heat rejection process?

We optimize the heat rejection process by accessing the abilities of your induction furnace and investigating potential issues through testing. Our professionals will walk you through foundry service recommendations for improving systems in your induction furnace that will optimize the heat rejection process. Our professionals will also let you know if a furnace rebuild is necessary. Contact us today to find out which of our foundry services is right for you!

Can I continue production in my facility during a furnace rebuild?

We optimize the heat rejection process by accessing the abilities of your induction furnace and investigating potential issues through teCertainly! EMSCO provides 24/7 foundry services, including furnace rebuilds, induction coil repairs, and more. We will work with you to schedule furnace rebuilds during your facility’s production schedule or after hours. Contact us to learn more!

How can I request a quote for furnace rebuilds or foundry services?

To request a quote for furnace rebuilds or other foundry services, please visit our Request a Quote page and fill out the form.

Contact EMSCO for the foundry service expertise you need to keep your foundry in the lead.


EMSCO is a member of the American Foundry Society.