Optimize Flow with Coolant Circulation Systems by EMSCO

Coolant Circulation Systems

Optimal Circulation for Closed or Open Style Water-Cooling Systems.

EMSCO Coolant Circulation Systems (Pump Modules) are engineered to support the circulation of closed and open style water-cooling systems. Installation and complete cooling system engineering services are available to ensure seamless integration with your operation.

The heart of the cooling system, EMSCO’s Coolant Circulation Systems are manufactured alongside our HyprCool® Hybrid Process Cooling Systems at our Alabama facility. Our Coolant Circulation Systems provide proper process fluid distribution throughout your cooling system.

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Coolant Circulation System — rugged, unitized platform made of structural steel decking. Open construction facilitates easy maintenance access to components and minimizes floor space footprint.

TEFC Premium Energy-efficient Pump Motors — with end-suction close-coupled pumps to eliminate the need for alignment in the field.

Two-Pump System — standard with two pumps, piped in parallel with couplings and isolation valves for easy removal from the system. Two-pump design alternates the primary pump with the second always ready as a standby.

Strainers — strainer for each pump prevents particulate from entering and damaging pump impellers.

Bladder-type Expansion Tank — preset to accommodate variation in process water volume due to any temperature fluctuation.

Automatic Air Vents — bleed unwanted air, which may impede heat rejection, from the system. Air vents fitted with an isolation valve, allowing for easy vent maintenance without the need to shut down the system.

Automatic Pump Switchover System — electronic programmable flow switch control installed on the output side of the main water circulation pump. When water flow is low, an audible alarm will sound, the operating pump shuts down, and the standby pump automatically activates.

Alternating Pump Operation — timed to automatically alternate which of the two pumps is activated in operation. This increases uptime and the life of your pumps, while decreasing maintenance and downtime.

Automatic Water Makeup System — adds water to the closed loop system when circulation pump drops below its designated pressure. Includes pressure reducing valve, one check valve, two isolation valves, a single bypass valve, and three unions for easy maintenance.

Automatic Emergency City Water System — feed and drain manifolds are integrated into the coolant circulation module. Both of the emergency city water fill and drain manifolds include an electrically actuated solenoid valve that opens either at the loss of flow through both pumps or loss of utility power.

Integrated Control Panels — within a NEMA 3R or 4 enclosure with application-sized relays, motor starters, and switches. Indicator light and audible alarm circuit easily seen and heard from a distance. All EMSCO panels are UL/UL-C 508A Industrial Controls.