BOREAS™ Dry Air Cooling Systems by EMSCO, Inc.

BOREAS® Dry Cooling Systems

Efficient and economical cooling solutions.

EMSCO’s innovative HyprCool® Hybrid Process Cooling Systems are engineered to deliver safe, dependable, and efficient process cooling for virtually any application. However, those operating with lower dry bulb temperatures and/or higher outbound process fluid temperatures may wish to consider a dry air cooling system.

EMSCO provides BOREAS® and BOREAS® V-Series Dry Air Cooling Systems for customers who fit that specific niche.

Like our flagship HyprCool systems, BOREAS systems are rugged and designed to help you operate at peak efficiency without the risk of Legionnaires’ disease or the costly maintenance programs associated with traditional evaporative coolers.

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Standard BOREAS Dry Cooling Systems

EMSCO BOREAS Dry Cooling System Standard

  • Heavy gauge G90 galvanized frame and cabinet construction
  • Aluminum fins, copper tubing, and MPT connections standard
  • Lift points & pre-assembled legs allow for safe & simple positioning during installation
  • Custom-manufactured coils
  • Available in a range of footprints to fit virtually any facility (1-7 fan single row or 2-14 fan double row)
  • Vertical and horizontal air-flow configurations available
  • Fan motors are TEAO VFD-compatible, energy efficient, and mounted to motor rails to ensure vibration-free operation
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

V-Series BOREAS Dry Cooling Systems


  • Ideal for cooling applications where water resources are limited or restricted
  • V-Shape reduces footprint compared to traditional dry coolers
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Stainless steel frame and coated aluminum fins ensure years of service
  • BOREAS V-Series Coolers may be upgraded to HyprCool® Hybrid Adiabatic Cooling Systems for increased heat rejection*
  • Fan staging helps reduce energy consumption
  • UL/UL-C 508A Industrial Controls
  • Engineered & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

*Engineered upgrade performed only by EMSCO, Inc. Third party modifications void product warranty.