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EMSCAST Pre-Cast Refractory Products

Reduce downtime and increase the life of your induction furnace.

EMSCAST Pre-Cast Refractory products are engineered to meet the rigid standards for induction furnaces, while offering an array of features, advantages and benefits.

All EMSCAST products are easily installed and simple to remove for maintenance. EMSCAST tops and bottoms are reinforced with heavy-duty stainless steel threaded rod, feature precast tie rod holes and are stress joint precast to absorb expansion forces.

EMSCAST rim blocks, pusher blocks for Push-Out Lining Systems, pedestals, spill troughs, and custom designs are also available.

Contact the first responders at EMSCO to learn more about how EMSCAST products enhance the strength and durability of induction furnaces or learn more about our foundry services.



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