EMSCO Brand Firesleeve

EMSCO Brand Firesleeve

Protect your induction system’s critical components from molten metal splash and abrasion.

EMSCO brand Firesleeve is a non-asbestos protective covering for water-cooled power leads. EMSCO brand Firesleeve is manufactured to aerospace specifications with woven fiberglass coated with EMSCO’s exclusive compounded silicone rubber. Field tests using molten steel have shown that EMSCO brand Firesleeve withstands short-term exposure to 3000°F molten metal with no damage to the hose underneath. EMSCO’s brand of Firesleeve develops a protective coating, causing subsequent splashes to bead and roll off.

Far superior to standard fiberglass sleeves on the market, EMSCO brand Firesleeves withstands long-term exposure to temperatures as high as 500°F. Ranging in sizes from 1/4″ to 4 1/2″ ID, it can be installed on any cable, hose, tubing, air and gas lines, wiring, fittings, etc. that need protection from molten metal splash, high temperatures and/or abrasion.

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  • Continuous operating temperature environment minimum 65°F to 500°F
  • Short-term exposures to 3000°F
  • ¼” to 4½” ID

Suitable hoses, over-sleeved with Firesleeve™, have been tested in accordance with:

  • Underwriters Laboratory-73
  • National Fire Protection Association-250
  • ASTM-E84 (utilizing the Steiner tunnel)
  • Firesleeve™ conforms to SAE / Aerospace Standard 1072A

Firesleeve™ allows appropriate hose assemblies by qualified manufacturers to pass the following specifications:

  • SAE Aerospace Standard 1055B, Class A and Class B
  • Uniform Building Code 42-1
  • Underwriters Laboratory 181