Stop Induction Furnace Overheating in its Tracks with EMSCOAT

EMSCOAT Heat Sensing Insulation

Stop Overheating In Its Tracks.

EMSCOAT Heat Sensing Insulation is a proprietary epoxy insulation for induction furnace coils developed by EMSCO over the course of three years. This insulation not only possesses very high dielectric strength, but also demonstrates high levels of temperature resistance. EMSCOAT is a specially blended insulating material with the unique heat-sensing characteristic of changing color as it is exposed to rising temperatures. This insulation offers superior dielectric properties and thermal endurance, as well as excellent resistance to abrasion and anti-oxidation properties. After a decade of use in the in the industry, EMSCOAT has had zero field failures.

With EMSCOAT Heat Sensing Insulation, foundry and melt shop maintenance is given a visual tool to provide an early warning of a potential induction furnace coil problem. As temperatures rise, EMSCOAT changes color to indicate the extent of any overheating that is occurring or has occurred. This lets you know when service may be required or when a blockage is present. In some cases, melters have observed coils changing color prompting quick inspection, ultimately realizing they had failed to turn on a water valve. In these situations, EMSCOAT proved a valuable tool and helped prevent serious overheating.

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  • Superior dielectric strength
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Protects copper tubing from chemical attack
  • Enhances ease of maintenance
  • Changes color in steps to indicate the extent of overheating
  • Contributes to the overall longevity of your coil

A quick comparison of the color of your coil against the EMSCOAT color chart indicates whether it’s time to schedule a maintenance appointment with EMSCO:

EMSCOAT Color Chart