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EMSCO, INC. is an induction melting company in ohio

HyprCool® User Guide

Digital version of the User Guide included in the control panel of HyprCool Hybrid Process Cooling Systems. This guide is trilingual (English • Spanish • French).

Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth and Spread in Buildings (CDC Toolkit)

Many buildings need a water management program to reduce the risk for Legionella growing and spreading within their water system and devices. This toolkit is designed to help people understand which buildings and devices need a Legionella water management program to reduce the risk for Legionnaires’ disease, what makes a good program, and how to develop it.

What is Induction?

A fascinating look at the process of induction heating.

The American Foundry Society

The American Foundry Society is the leading U.S. based metalcasting society.

Modern Casting

Monthly trade magazine published by the American Foundry Society.

Investment Casting Institute

Manufacturer’s trade association, whose primary mission is to promote the investment casting process and members.


International magazine of the Investment Casting Institute.