Furnace Slag Skimmers by EMSCO

Furnace Slag Skimmer

A safe and efficient way to remove slag from your furnace.

When not removed from the molten bath, slag can freeze, cause bridging of the charge, remain mixed with the metal and compromise the quality of your castings.

EMSCO’s Furnace Slag Skimmers feature an innovative, rugged design to safely and efficiently remove slag from your furnace, help minimize time-consuming tasks on the melt deck, improve furnace utilization and maintain the integrity of your metal castings.

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Reducing Metal Loss

Molten metal stays in the furnace instead of being removed with the slag with conventional slag removal methods. The result is more metal for your castings and less being disposed with your slag.

Improving Operator Safety and Comfort

The operator does not have to perform heavy manual work while exposed to extreme heat.

Minimizing the Cost of Expendables

Heavy duty steel blades last longer than rods and paddles.

Operating Efficiently

The rate of slag removal in pounds per minute is higher than that of a manual skimming operation.

Reducing Radiation Loss

The furnace lid is opened for a shorter period of time while the slagging operation takes place. Operation of the pneumatic slag skimmer is simple. It hangs from an overhead or jib crane. Lowering and raising is controlled by the crane. Opening and closing of blades is controlled pneumatically by slag skimmer controls.